In Regensdorf ZH plant waveup einen full-size Wavegarden Cove® und realisiert somit den grössten Wellensee der Schweiz und dem angrenzenden Ausland.

Die waveup creations AG, welche in Regensdorf den Freizeit- und Surfpark plant, hat sich für einen Wellenhersteller entschieden. Mit der baskischen Firma Wavegarden realisieren sie einen full-size Wavegarden Cove® und somit den grössten Wellensee der Schweiz und dem angrenzenden Ausland.

Innovation und Branchenwachstum in der Wellenindustrie sind beeindruckend. Deshalb zögerte waveup den Entscheid für einen Hersteller für den eigenen Freizeit- und Surfpark in Regensdorf solange als möglich hinaus. In der engeren Auswahl stand unter anderem der Weltkonzern Bosch Rexroth. Jetzt sind die Würfel gefallen, die Zusammenarbeit zwischen den spanischen Surfpionieren Wavegarden und waveup sind seit Ende Mai besiegelt.

Die Technologie von Wavegarden

Mit 600 bis 1000 Wellen und einer Kapazität von 80 bis 100 Surfern pro Stunde ist Wavegarden Cove® nicht nur State of the Art, sondern das Mass aller Dinge in der Surfindustrie. Mit einer Länge von 160 m und einer Breite von 160 m entsteht im Zürcher Regensdorf der grösste Surfsee der Schweiz und dem angrenzenden Ausland. Dies erlaubt eine Surfzeit von bis zu 15 Sekunden pro Welle. Von schäumenden Weisswasserwellen bis hin zu fast Zwei-Meter-Türmen können im See rund 30 verschiedene Wellen-Typen generiert werden. Sowohl Surfweltmeister als auch Anfänger sind von der Anlage begeistert.

Interview with the Wavegarden Team

To give you an idea of what might be possible in Switzerland by 2021, we asked the Wavegarden Team to answer a few questions.

How does Wavegarden Cove technology work? 
The Wavegarden Cove technology is a modular electro-mechanical system. The modules move in a harmonious sequence to displace water and produce a maximum of 1000 quality waves per hour ranging from 50cm to 1.9m high (wave frequency is around 600 per hour if operating in sets). On the highest frequency, two waves, a right and left-hander, are created every 7 seconds in a staggered formation on either side of the central pier (1 wave every 3.5s). Our system injects energy into the wave as it moves along to ensure it maintains a constant height for a significant part of its length. The length of ride on the main wave (the Reef) is generally around 15-18 seconds. A feature unique to the Cove is that wave shape, size, power and frequency can be adjusted at the push of a button, simply by changing the mode function on the control unit software. With the potential to host up to 100 surfers at the same time, the Wavegarden Cove has six different surfing zones that offer waves for everyone, from newcomers to professionals. A state-of-the-art water treatment system is incorporated with each Wavegarden Cove to keep the water crystal clear and hygienically clean. 

What makes you believe in artificial waves?
The founders of Wavegarden wanted to share the exhilarating feeling of surfing with everyone, so they developed a system that makes this possible. It’s a fun and healthy sport and, in the future, everyone, regardless of their experience, will be able to surf great waves in a very safe environment more frequently.

Considering the fact that, technically, perfect waves are now available 24/7, what do you think the sport of surfing will look like in 10 years? The Wavegarden Cove is an excellent environment to learn and practice surfing. The number of people surfing will certainly increase because a lot more people will have access to the waves (however, there will be a lot more places to surf). And the level of performance will also rise because surfers will be able to train in a controlled environment with great waves all the time! 

About Wavegarden

The engineering company, Wavegarden, was founded by Basque engineer Josema Odriozola and German sports economist Karin Frisch in 2005. With the objective to develop the world’s best wave-generating technology, the pioneers started building the first prototypes, creating both circular and linear artificial waves. Just five years later the first surfable waves were made and surfed by top professionals. In 2015 the first commercial Wavegarden facility, Surf Snowdonia, opened to the public in North Wales and staged the first ever major international surf event in a wave lagoon, the Red Bull Unleashed. With the launch of the Wavegarden Cove in 2017, Wavegarden introduced new technical developments offering everything a surfer — especially a landlocked one — could ever dream of!