It was a struggle to get there, but we made the best out of it and came back with a bunch of insights that we wish to share with you.

Landscape and places to see in the south
Despite the struggles we had at the beginning to get to Sri Lanka, we enjoyed every second of it. The start was rough and we can only encourage travelers to make sure to have an eye on the expiry date of their passport and to have a good understanding about Visa situation and vaccines requested before traveling to a destination.

This being said, I finally arrived in Colombo one day after my friend Stephy who had already burned a little during that first day in the sun of this season. Since the first day, we didn’t catch a break of surfing which became our goal of the week: surf every day.

Tuktuk ride
A must: Enjoy a tuktuk ride!

We were based by the beautiful beach of Talalla which is situated about one hour by tuktuk from the famous surf village of Weligama. The first few days we traveled daily to that bay to enjoy some sunset surf and the delicious fish markets. Around Weligama are many places to not miss such as the famous Secret Beach, the coconut tree hill and the place to be called Doctor’s House.

Our surf highlights
The second part of our trip was focused on a breathtaking beach a little more north-east of Talalla, called Hiriketiya. The small bay offers a perfect beginner wave in the center of the beach and a more intermediate left wave in the side. On that beach we found our happiness. Luckily for us, in the mornings the water wasn’t crowded which gave us some of the best surf days of our trip. Once the surf was over, the small bay offers plenty of pretty coffee and breaky places and many restaurant choices for fish lovers.

Surfer enjoying those perfect waves in Hiriketiya
Surfer enjoying those perfect waves in Hiriketiya.

Words to know in Sri Lanka

  • Ajuboan – hello
  • Rassai – delicious
  • Istutti – thanks
  • Kottu roti – mixed vegetables and cut up roti bead (like naan)
  • Bat – rice
  • Obahhh harry hondaii – you are very friendly
  • Kessél – banana
  • Carréé – peanuts
  • Davillehh/saraii – spicy
  • Lassanai – beautiful
  • Madruahh – mosquito
  • Hamuwemu – see you tomorrow
  • Tikkatikka – a little bit

Tips of daily espenses in Sri Lanka (1 CHF = 190 LKR)

  • Meal costs: 1400 LKR
  • Decent local meal: 200-500 LKR
  • Water costs: 140 LKR
  • Alcohol: 1500 LKR
  • Hostel costs: 7000 LKR (2 pax)
  • Hostel/ guesthouse costs: 1500-3500 LKR (1 pax)
  • Surf session costs: 2000 LKR per person for 2h including surfboard