«If you need an answer to any question, sit down, close your eyes, take seven deep breaths and the first thought that comes to your mind after your seventh breath will be your answer given by the universe. It’s all there, we just need to listen.» Albert Falzon answers the big questions.

After spending the night at Pete’s cabin in Crescent Head we had the pleasure to hang out with another local, Albert Falzon. When we met Alby for the first time, we didn’t know that he was an award winning Australian film maker, the publisher and co-founder of the surf magazine «Tracks» and the narrator of Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell’s latest film «Thank you Mother» (2019) — just to name a few things. All we knew was that he was a good friend of Pete who had made a movie called «Morning of the Earth» (1972). But it’s maybe because we only knew so little about him that we got to meet the real, humble, incredibly generous and kind man he is. A caring person who loves to share, connect and give, whom you feel safe to open up to and talk about the aspects of life that really matter.

Albert Falzon
Alby sharing his passion for flowers with Lea.

One could easily write an entire book about Alby’s life: the remote places and untouched beaches he’s seen; the films and books he’s created; the countless kangaroos he’s rescued and taken care of; the countries, festivals and people he’s visited all over the world; the adventures he’s survived; the lessons he’s learnt and the wisdom he’s gained. Precious knowledge and insights from which many of us could benefit. And yet, I think that his answers to the three questions (asked by my friend Santi Gallego) below might be just enough to make you understand Alby’s approach to life and to kickstart your own thinking about it, too.

What is time?

What is life?

Why are we on this planet?
To give love.

Big questions — short answers. A reminder of life’s natural simplicity, and an invitation to stop complicating it, and start living it instead.